First regional forum on Consumer behavior and business environment in the Balkans held by founding partners of SEEnthesis

From 30 to 50% reduction in communications budgets across the region, up to 250% growth in online presence, shift of consumer preferences to local products and growing interest in high-quality real properties are among the common trends on the 7 featured markets.

On May 12, the network of communications agencies from the Balkan region SEEnthesis – The Balkan Hub hosted its first large-scale event after its official founding: the international online forum on the topic of Consumer behavior and business environment in the Balkans.

At the event, the agencies from the strategic alliance presented seven markets in Southeastern Europe with analytical data on the economic situation, the changes in consumer behavior by sectors, the ongoing transformation of the business, and identified new potential for doing business. Presentations were delivered by the initiators and co-founders of the network: Interpartners Group (Bulgaria), Media Concept Store (Romania), White Ad (Greece), Domino Communications (Serbia), New Moment Albania (Albania), Communications Lab (Croatia) and New Moment Skopje (North Macedonia).

The experts accentuated tips on how brands should steer their communication in the crisis prompted by Covid-19 to make sure they craft a stable future and steady growth. The online forum saw a turnout of more than 100 representatives of companies in the region. The event was widely covered by local and international media outlets in the seven countries.

Speaking to media, Katya Dimitrova, rotation chairperson of SEEnthesis 2019-2021, said: “We are witnessing an unprecedented transformation of businesses and processes. To be able to carry out change in an adequate way and grow in the new reality, businesses need data, analyses, and above all, an in-depth marketing strategy for development. Our network SEEnthesis – The Balkan Hub supports with strategic communications plans the most courageous businesses and brands – the ones who won’t opt for a ‘wait-and-see’ tactics but will instead act in pursuit of competitive edge to eventually attain more stable and wider horizons.”

The presentation and a comparative analysis of the markets are available here: